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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day weekend, 2009

After a tumultuous four months, I got some great advice from Mom: Stop and smell the roses.

So I did.

And I didn't have to go far. They're in my own yard:

I only wish my camera and photography sense were stronger. It's quite a scene.

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What, no sinus headache?

This year's allergies have been mild so far -- knock wood. The roses are fine, I think -- the grass is the biggest suspect.

Sorry about your tumultuous times. I've got 5 more shows as a late shift TV freelancer and after 16 years it's going to be weird. So tonight I went on a long walk.

This was also because the Lakers had once more been devastating in a win, proving what we have long suspected about Kobe: He is the anti-Christ.

On my walk, I saw a group of three men way down the street standing over a 4th just off Hawthorne. The 4th was kneeling with his face very near the ground and appeared to be examining something lying in the grass by the sidewalk.

There was a serious discussion going on. Was the man hurt, unable to walk or had he found something hideous - perhaps a clue from a crime?

It wasn't 'til I walked by them that I could see the man was just trying to get a close-up photo of some tiny blue flowers growing by the road. They were all talking about the best way to get the shot.

Bill, if Leno doesn't use your stuff at 10:00, he will soon find himself back at 11:30. I don't think Jimmy F. will hold his own; Max Weinberg's son is not going to anchor Bruce's band for long; Conan will kill himself trying to get a tan; it feels like the whole space-time continuum is being disrupted. Without you and Andy Richter, the whole thing is going to collapse.

You've got Fallon's number - he's pathetic & painful to watch. No timing, sorry material, coasting to his doom.

Kobe: He is the anti-Christ.

I think you owe somebody an apology! Not sure which one, though.

I can't believe how quickly Phil Jackson has morphed from Colonel Sanders to Jack Benny.

Sometime in this series it would be helpful if Denver learns how to throw a pass in from out of bounds.

K-Mart faded badly down the stretch. I hate to say it, but it seemed a little suspicious.

Some of them roses are iris.

Was that one shot taken at Gitmo?

On purely upbeat moments, it's been a really good year for flowers of all types. I'm looking forward to seeing the roses in Portland next month, because the flowers all through Texas have been particularly spectacular this spring, and I'm hoping that it's the same through the rest of the country. In the meantime, I can look over my wife's miniature roses on the front porch from my office window, and I also have the sundew and butterwort flowers in the propagation tanks in that same window. Life is good right now.

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