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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jail Blazers 4 Ever, cont'd

Looks like Darius Miles is into self-medicating for his knee pain.

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Does this mean the Blazers can kick him off the payroll?

Ahh, the memories come drifting back like the cloud from Isaiah Ryder's pop-can bong.

The all-time Blazer classic was Damon claiming they found the pot during an illegal search while he was going through airport security.

I agree with Bill about the all-time Jail Blazer classic. What made it so classic is that Stoudamire's stash was wrapped in aluminum foil when he went through the metal detector.

Qyntel Woods should get an honorable mention for using his NBA basketball trading card as ID when he got pulled over and he and his car reeked of weed.

I always suspected Damon must have slept through chemistry class, and didn't realize aluminum was a metal. I have only one word on that "plastic"! I still don't understand how these guys can make so many millions and not pay a lawyer to clean up their driving status. Darius was on a suspended license.

Ah, "allegedly failing to use a turn signal".

The bane of the African-American male existence.

You can take the boy out of the "Hood" , but you can't take the "Hood" out of the boy......Remember he is from East St. Louis, Illinois.....

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