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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is Mayor Creepy still in Belgium?

This blog had eight more hits yesterday from Villers-le-Bouillet.

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Isn't Villers-Le-Bouillet the main office for Man/boy Association?

Maybe he didn't pay his bath house bill.

Maybe this blog is the new "Radio Free Europe."

Hmmmm... "Bog's Blog Free World."

A city laptop left behind?

Probably staff checking the political weather before returning from Belgium. The mayor was at the ribbon-cutting at the New Saturday Market on Saturday, unless he has a double.

He was in the O pic on the HIV-clean up story a couple days ago.

CNN has posted its piece on the recall campaign.


It says that Jason Wurster worked on the mayoral campaign of one Sam's rivals. Jeff Taylor?

Hi Hopeful,

I have been in contact with Patrick Oppmann to correct this. I worked as the volunteer deputy campaign manager for Amanda Fritz's campaign. I did not work or volunteer on any other campaigns.

The error stems from the interview when I let Patrick know that I did not vote for Sam Adams. I did voted for Kyle Burris.

As always, if anyone ever has any concerns about the Recall campaign you can always email me at press@recallsamadams.com or call me directly at 503-799-7919.

Together we will make our government better,

Jasun Wurster

Jasun - Thanks for correcting the error. Sorry I didn't check with you first.

Jasun's reply seems to be a good example of honesty for those who might of forgotten what it is.

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