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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I can just imagine

Here's a nascent website of a group of architects, developers, planners, and community leaders who say they're promoting "practicable strategies for citizen-led community development in Portland." The site is still in development; at this point it still has that new-streetcar smell.

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Located at, according to the website, 622 SE Grand Ave, Portland, Me thinks it's fatefully near the New Convention Center Hotel.

Phil, you're close. Better yet...better bet, it's a block away from Metro, that extra tier of gubmint that guides us sustainably through the progressive wilderness.

It's also interesting to note the cabal (coalition?) includes no business people. No surprise?

it's just another design firm, but uses some sound and smoke to appear as something else. they mine the "community involvement" angle of development, because there's money there when development's depressed and architecture firms are closing.


calling it a "coalition" is really, really stretching it.

I don't understand a word of that website.

"the national charette institute"????
Oh please, oh please! save me! save me!!...drowning in words...glub, gluh, glu...

No worries. They translate it for the laity in their "Fresh News & Latest Posts":

Test Post One

enim morbi senectus condimentum lacus Aliquam pharetra. mi Praesent neque tortor fames est est. wisi. eu habitant eleifend quam Donec amet accumsan rutrum luctus, amet, commodo libero vulputate tempor in vitae feugiat erat. Nam metus sit Aenean turpis Ut et enim tristique neque mi, elit wisi, facilisis. egestas. orci, ante. egestas ornare non quam, sit [...]

Oh, man, that's perfect. From The Onion, right? I may teach writing again someday -- I'm grabbing that little gem.

I especially enjoy the precious combination of two words with the first word in lower case while the second is capitalized. Nothing says corporate wankerz roool like making up your own language.

Sorry (or is that 'sorry'), motiveSpace ...

Cool logo too --- the little arrows show the jouster having his lance sent upward, which leads to being knocked off the steed.

I was delighted to note the numerous typographical errors in the website. Like the other readers above I was left with no idea (outside of the names of the "Founders" of who these people are or what this "organization" intends to do. I was relieved to note that clicking on their Donation tab yielded the classic "under construction" page. Let's hope it stays that way.

The entire website reads like it was spit out of the Sustainability jargon generator.

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