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Friday, May 8, 2009

Have a great weekend

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Tbe Supremes played the 1965 Portland Auto Show. For the price of admission, my brother Mike, cousin Larry Sitz and I saw three performances in one day in Portland's now-famous Memorial Coliseum. They were really great.

It ended... No....That is not fair!
Ah well the fog of nostalgia is lifting, I'm still singing and soon to be searching for the songs on my iPod.
Hmmm... which shall I start with Temps or Stevie?

I visited the Motown Museum / Hitsville USA in Detroit last December - I'd recommend this to anyone who is in that area. The concentration of talent in this one area was amazing - and through 1972 they did a lot of their recording with just one studio that was built in a garage!

In 100 years, we'll probably forget what the mighty corporate names General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler once represented. But we'll remember Motown and the artists that recorded with them.

It ended... No....That is not fair!

There wasn't much left of "Oooh Baby Baby," but that was my reaction, too. Still, all those Motown stars on one stage -- it was worth it.

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