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Monday, May 4, 2009

Fairy tales to start your day

Here's a $45-a-plate breakfast you won't want to miss. You might win a ticket to join the delirious crowd of 250 people at a Beavers baseball game!

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It looks like Merritt is trolling for local private investors, which is what he should have done in the first place.

"how commercial real estate may be affected"

Let me guess...any development done around or along with his projects will skyrocket in value. Much like "transit oriented development" has done for the area.

Or...he wants to get the "influence" of local big-time developers to help him persuade the city council to vote his way.

Hey, he's at the stage of looking for a warm body in a cold house. Comm RE brokers are for anyone with any chance of bumping up property values.

Maybe he/Sam should have another public forum like the one a couple of weeks back. I'm sure he'd get lots of input.

What is on the menu ? Pork.

Maybe Sam and Merritt can use a bathroom if they can't fill another venue.

Isn't a real businessman of greater experience and substance available to speak?

I'll bet he's not being paid for this one.

Ooooh, just noticed the special drawing for Beavers tickets. It's just so hard to get into those games . . .

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