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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't it always seem to go?

If the Portland Beavers baseball team moves to Lents Park (at SE 92nd and Holgate), where would the fans park their cars? On new parking lots, paving over the existing park? On neighborhood streets? Note that I-205 is just a few blocks to the east -- no one will be parking east of there.

We've been through this question before. The Paulson shills say they'll need a 1,500-space parking lot. Just by way of comparison, the long-term lot at the Portland Airport holds only 1,400 spaces.

Comments (9)

Yup, all that parking for all those thousands of fans.

Given recent actual attendance, I would say parking is the LEAST of their problems.

There's the catch: Without the crowds, they can't pay the mortgage. With the crowds, there isn't enough parking.

Maybe their tickets will double as a MAX pass? Just another way the City and Tri-Met can bend over and pay a little more to help poor Merritt Paulson. Oh well, at least SOMEBODY will be riding that expensive toy.

And with NO freeway interchange at I-205 and Holgate, putting that much more traffic on two-lane SE 92nd Ave between Powell and Foster.

Is anyone taking into consideration the fact that many people who live on the west side of the river will no longer bother to attend Beaver games if they are moved all the way out to SE 92nd and Holgate? PGE Park is easy for westsiders (including those from Tigard, Tualatin, Beaverton and Hillsboro) to get to. Lents Park is not. Will new Beaver fans from the east side make up for the certain loss of fans coming from the west side?

This cluster makes headline news in the O today--what.a.joke.

Out in 'Felony Flats' they steal so many cars that no one will have a prob finding a'15 min' spot.. Go By Streeetcar!

I'm confused as to why the Beavers don't stay at PGE Park and we build a new stadium for the Timbers. Why the shuffle? Wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to just build a new soccer stadium rather than revamp a baseball diamond into soccer AND build a new baseball diamond?

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