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Monday, May 11, 2009

Croutons from scratch

Finally, something productive from Portland City Hall! Fireman Randy's Caesar salad recipe. With raw egg, no less.

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From the Top of the Cosmo, no less.

Please, my blood pressure is high enough. He hires a FTE (at a prob cost of $90K/year) and this woman blogs all day about bottled water, fountain sculptures and Randy's Caesar Salad.

Meanwhile, she assidously avoids any mention of the 16% water bill increase PWB wants to hit us with.

Solve two problems - Release her and let TorridJoe generate this tripe all day long.

Chickens held against their will by frankenfarmers and forced to carry unwanted pregnancies over and over again to feed another species. With blatant disregard for the rights of chickens, he gleefully encourages the consumption of these avian abortions to dress his salad?

At least Bush only tortured alleged terrorists.

Commissar Leonard will be hearing from the Poultry Liberation Front very soon, in the form of a strongly worded letter demanding a non-binding sense of the Congress resolution. And we are boycotting handwashing.

Surprised there is no disclaimer on the raw egg.

Like Commissioner Leonard, I worked the Caesar Salad cart at the Canlis at the top of the Hilton, back when they also had a great view.

Unlike the Commissioner, I've a severe allergy to eggs and couldn't risk a taste.

Like the Top of the Cosmos, the Portland Canlis is history, but it --and its Caesar salad--- live on in Seattle's Canlis, if you ever make it up there.

The Caesar Salad was invented in a restaurant in Tijuana Mexico in the 50's. It took the country by storm. This was back in the day when our nation wasn't in the thrall of candy a*s bitches afraid to eat a raw egg. Hurrah for the Caesar Salad! If the above reader doesn't want to eat eggs, no worries. But the Poultry Liberation Front? Give me a break...

Bacon? In a Caeser? Otherwise looks pretty normal (though I included the egg white when I included the egg, which I don't anymore).

Give me a break...

Dean, I think that comment was in jest.

Many a high-class oil and vinegar dressing is made with
raw eggs so it is thick and consistent and you don't have to stir it at a banquet. It also adheres better to the lettuce, etc...

I've seen cooks spending lots of time slowly adding the oil while stirring the eggs with a whisk. I remember once when the dressing "broke" before the banquet and the chef had a fit. That meant the dressing was separated out and wouldn't stay together.

I always coddle the egg (soft boil for about a minute or less).

Whatever happened to the Cosmo? My parents used to eat there a lot. What's there now?


The sad part is that something as patently ridiculous as the Poultry Liberation front is almost believable. If you doubt this please view PLF video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVd3iKh2Wqk

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