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Monday, May 18, 2009

City of angels

Here's that list we asked about this morning -- those civic-minded business people who gave the money at the last minute to save the Washington Park free summer concerts this year:

Washington Park Summer Festival Donors
Sondland Durant Foundation
Hotel deLuxe
Hotel Lucia
Bank of America
Craig Boretz
Starlett & Stephen Brown, NW Securities Advisors LLC
City Center Parking/Greg Goodman
Dewey Dental
FutureWorks Consulting
Kaiser Permanente
Key Bank
Laborers' Local 483
The Irving Levin and Stephanie Fowler Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
The Mark Spencer Hotel
Jay Martin
Ms. Willi Martinsen
Marylhurst University
Melvin Mark Companies
Miller Nash LLP
Susan Newman & Phil Goldsmith
NW Natural
OSU Foundation
Pacific Power
Wendy Popkin, Popkin Solutions
Portland Trail Blazers
Reser's Fine Foods
Luisa Simone & Robert Obrinsky
Star Park/Schlesinger Companies
Stoel Rives
US Bank
Wells Fargo

Way to go, people.

Comments (7)

Kudos. Once again local businesses do what Portland cannot.

And once again someone proves that governments are damned if they do and damned if they don't -- if Portland dropped a bunch of coin on free concerts, no doubt the wailing about it would wake the dead.

They've done it nearly every year. No one's ever complained. Nice try, though.

Kudos. Once again local businesses do what Portland cannot.

Don't you mean what Portland should not? Since when is the role of government to provide free entertainment?

My thanks to those businesses :)

Thanks to all involved.

Sorry -- I thought the "given the current budget mess" was understood.

I'm not sure about the staff time - but much of the funding for all of the summer's concerts comes from sponsors - funding for neighborhood concerts (think Couch park) generally comes from neighborhood sponsors. The Washington Park concerts might have been the only one to have a single, large sponsor.

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