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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Check the extradition treaty

Several alert readers point out that Portland's creepy mayor is headed for Belgium next week with two aides in tow. Everything's going so well in town, it make sense.

His sustainability advisor says that if he gets charged with crimes before then, he might not go.

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Insert Belgian ale joke here.

When traveling abroad, I hope he has a doctor's note along with him, if he plans on consuming whatever he was taking before plowing into the two cars this past Saturday

His sustainability advisor notes that if he is charged with crimes while in Belgium, he may not come back.

BTW, who knew that "sustainability" referred to preserving the Mayor's job, not the environment?

The guy's a world traveler. Remember this one?

The age of consent is 16 in Belgium. Maybe he's planning a choice of laws defense. In any event, the men's room janitors should be placed on code red.

With any luck someone will strap him to one of the Gravensteen's many racks.

It ticks me off that this criminal is going on a junket to Belgium probably paid for by taxpayers....to look at bicycle stuff.

The people of Portland better wake up quick!

Does this mean our AG's report is about to surface? He might book a connecting flight to a non-extradition Country.

For those of you wondering, the statue in the left of the picture Jack posted is "De Lange Wapper." It is in the old Antwerp harbor, and two cowering figures below are sailors. Legend has it that drunken pillaging sailors from the harbor were terrorizing medieval Antwerpers, so they made up the legend of "De Lange Wapper," a giant of a man who defended the townsfolk from the depredations of sailors by beating the tar out of them when they misbehaved. And the sailors were apparently stupid enough to believe the tale, because they started behaving themselves.

At least that's the story I was told on my visit to Antwerp last year.

One can hope that AG Kroger's report will result in an arrest before Sam Scumball is allowed to travel anywhere.

Thanks Gordon! I was just about to ask what the statue was all about. The tale seems kind of appropriate, huh?

Perhaps he will be dropping in to visit with Roman Polanski in France. Roman has some insight into this nasty underage/legal stuff.

Your best effort to date Jack!
Thank you, Gordon for your excellent telling of the local story.

My thanks also for the story, Gordon. I was curious about the statue's "wide stance" and how that figured into an illustration about Adams. Oh, yeah...

Maybe Neil will let Sam use his apartment in Paris? naah, probably not.

The other popular statuary figure in Belgium is the peeing boy, called "Manniken Pis."


The little guy even has a wardrobe that changes from occasion to occasion.

Travelers can buy small souvenirs of this figure, some of which are actually plumbed to "pee."

If Mr. Adams wants to check him out, the figure and fountain can be found on the corner of Stoofstraat/Rue de L'Etuve and the Eikstraat/Rue du ChĂȘne (At the Grand-Place follow the street on the left side of the town hall).

Maybe if we donate enough to the government of Belgium they will be willing to keep him there in permanent exile.

For what it's worth (which might be something, since it doesn't come from Adams himself), they claim that flight and lodging for the Mayor and one City employee are being picked up by the conference, and Mr Gaisman, a third City guy, is paying his own way & taking five of the ten (!) days as vacation. The latter is in principal commendable, I guess, but if Adams is spending anything like 10 days, or even one, on this, it's not the best use of his time while the Legislature is in session & the City's in crisis. (On the other hand, the more he limits his role as Mayor to the purely ceremonial, the better.) Heaven knows he's already done enough to raise Portland's international profile, but not in the way he intended. I'd expect that young Paulson has ordered him to return in time to vote for the necessary blank checks and pigs in pokes. Yes, Your Lordship! The flight to Brussels leaves a mighty big carbon footprint, though. To offset, I'm sure he'll plant some trees or take a few more cars off the road.

How about a Bud Clark "Expose yourself to Art" pose with Mayor Creepy flashing the little Mannekin Pis? This one could be called "Expose Yourself to Pis"

I would pay $100 if Beau Breedlove would sign my Mayor Pis poster.

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