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Friday, May 8, 2009

Changing of the guard

Just as we were blogging about some unusual financial reporting twists at OnPoint Community Credit Union, that institution announced that it has a new chief financial officer. Who knows if there's any connection there? The new CFO's name is James Hunt, and the terse announcement of his appointment is here. The OnPoint folks left out the part about who the departing CFO was, but for many years until recently it was Roxanne Giffin.

Comments (3)

They bring in a guy who has experience in a company that ceased to exist like many weak species during the evolutionary cycle.

Is he going to bring a "depth of experience" in failing and helping OnPoint go the way of Washington Mutual?

These knuckle-head boards continue to surprise me.

How about choosing untainted, relatively inexperienced Generation Xers and Millennials who are hungry, idealistic and who haven't sold out their principles and integrity to rebuild the financial services sector?

The alternative is hiring the same ole Baby Boomers whose world view and myopic greed got us into this mess in the first place.

YOMB- Just because this guy came from WaMu doesn't mean he personally oversaw it's downfall. Do YOU personally know that he is a bad guy?

As for hiring some "inexperienced Generation Xers"- NO THANKS!

I agree with westsideguy, moonbat is appropriately named if he/she thinks bringing in someone inexperienced to be the CFO of a bank is a good idea. Yah, that'll turn out well.

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