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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Airline pricing, now for sporting events

I hear the Blazers are going to require that luxury box occupants stay over Saturday night.

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Did I miss the part of the article that talks about the Blazers requiring Sat stay over?

Or is this simply a rumor?

No Brian they are using hotel and airline humor as a comparison.
Sport teams are going to use the same intuitive software that the above industries already employ when setting rates and minimum length of stay.

Funny how I can negotiate a price with the ticket agents and other scalpers, often getting into events for way less than face value, but I can't negotiate with the team or venue itself. I would gladly pick up a piece of excess inventory for $.50-on-the-dollar on a rush basis. I wonder how far away the NBA or Major League Baseball is from doing something like that.

In a way this is not a bad idea since the gate is income for visiting teams.

If you have an owner that milkd the team and skimps on quality (LA Clippers), then he would get less gate around the league and may acutally want to field a tema that draws people.

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