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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What to do about Wednesday

Why work when you can stare at this? [Via Jake.]

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A little bit like watching those old educational movies of what eating cheese looks like when x-rayed.

Don't let compulsive gamblers see that, they'll start laying odds on what city pops up next.

"$5 on Adidas shoes, west of the Rockies!"

Shoes fly ... don't bother me

Seriously, don't tell your law students. It'll top Solitaire and IM in distraction.

That is way cool. (from a tech pov)

good lord! At first I thought I was watching where things were made and then I realized what it was....stuff being bought....and where....someone somewhere has $$ to spend....actually it might encourage folks to buy from Zappo so they can watch their purchase! Fiendishly clever.........

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