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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weigh in on Blazers' chances

Can the Blazers win another playoff game against Houston this evening (game time 6:30)? And if they do, who will win on Saturday? If you haven't already, take our pre-Game 6 reader poll, here.

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If Rudy plays as many minutes as Brandon.

I don't think Yao can make it across the Chang Jiang tonight.

I've heard the half time show will be Susan Boyle performing $5 Foot Long.

Cold, I mean the water.

While chances are slim, we saw a glimmer with the Blazers' fast pace last game. Can they keep up the pace the whole game? Smart substituting with fresh legs might be the key. Constant pressure on Yao is a must. Also Roy and Blake driving might draw fouls. If the big men avoid fouls, the twin towers defense has potential. Rudy should come in early and often. Invading the paint, open outside shots, great D, fair officiating, smart substitutions - there's hope.

I think we should be able to gauge the outcome of the game by the end of the first quarter. After the first 12 mins, we need BOTH - 2 fouls or less on Pryz/Oden combined AND LaMarcus to have taken it to the paint at least two times, (with or without scoring). If both of those things happen, I would say Portland has a great shot. If both don't happen, in my opinion, Houston is a lock to win.

Houston doesn't have a miracle circus act in the form of a Kobe or a LeBron. Yao is their main man and he's not going to be an unstoppable tour de force in the 4th quarter when it's time to seal the deal. B-Roy will take it to them late in the 4th with some help from Rudy and LaMarcus. We will need the refs to call this game the same way they called game 5. If Joel and Greg get whistled every time they touch Yao then we will have BIG problems. A lot of these fouls can be prevented by fronting him and denying him the ball in the paint. These Blazers are gamers, and gamers love to compete under pressure, so I'm very optimistic and looking forward to a great game.

Hope I'm wrong, but Rocket will get this one. John Canzano has been trash talking them for the past few days, and that's a bad sign. The Rockets want this series more than the Blazers.

Houston Chronicle reporting the Von "illa" Wafer won't be playing tonight.

Trade Outlaw and get a real point guard and possibly a real small forward.

Wait, aren't the refs to blame for the pounding the Blazers received? Where are you Portland fans?

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