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Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Urban renewal" fiasco in Trojanland

There's quite an ugly little mess developing around "urban renewal" in Rainier, Oregon (home of the Trojan nuclear waste dump). The redevelopment agency up there is reportedly in default on a loan, and a lawsuit is now flying against Portland attorneys and a Portland consultant who were involved in putting the deal together.

The consultant, Jeff Tashman, has been a frequent consultant to the Portland Development Commission as well. Billed as an expert in the dubious art of "tax increment financing," Tashman is also one of the named challengers in the current state land use proceeding against the City of Portland's recent "urban renewal" shenanigans.

You know "urban renewal" is out of control when it creates a crisis in a place like Rainier, where there was no "urb" to "renew" to begin with. It's past time for the legislature and the courts to clean up the cities' acts for them.

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I think you have a typo. It's supposed to read, "tax excrement financing."

It would be fun to know who the lawyer defendants are in the REDco suit in rainier. Sad the Trib does not identify them in the story.

What in the name of Blackstone is the Trib intending, in the story, with its reference to "Lane County Commercial Court".

The Truib seem to have let go at least one too many fact checkers / copy editors.

Ooops. The lawyer defendants are named, way up top in the body of the story. My bad.

I'm just glad Sam and Randy weren't involved a few years back. They would have turned the cooling tower into condos.

You know, we've heard a lot about toxic assets lately, but a nuclear waste dump is hard to beat.

The Trib seems to have let go at least one too many fact checkers / copy editors.

Welcome to the future, when all news is online...

Here is a short video of the last day of the Trojan cooling tower.

The only video I'm interested is the one with the spent nuclear fuel rods leaving.

Don't hold your breath.

Yeah, I tend to agree. I think they should have taken out the waste and left the tower.

Tashman has been the go-to BS guy for many municipallities seeking to hood wink the public and adopt UR-TIF schemes under false preteneses and misrepresentations.
Tashman's scheme man for hire consulting has been largley responsible for the Tax Increment Financing confusion and deliberate distortion which ushers forward Urban Renewal plans.
The nearly verbatim rhetoric that gets repeated in nearly every UR plan in sight comes from Tashman and a few other operatives riding the League of Oregon Cities UR gravy train.
To be sure TIF is a dishonest municipal financing tool that blatantly robs basic services of many millions while hiding under the shroud of Tashman's carefully crafted deception that has many public officials believing their own hired con man pitch.

So much so that rerely has any public official in sight ever challenged the falsehoods and manipulation.

Heck, Jack, why be concerned over a measly 34 pickle barrels buried here, except for the fact that there's enough lethal poison there, if it spread out, to kill every living thing within 100 miles, at least ... and the fact that our supply of facts is media-dispensed by known LIARS here: FOOLING WITH DISASTER? Startling revelations about Three Mile Island disaster raise doubts over nuclear plant safety, A special Facing South investigation by Sue Sturgis, April 2, 2009.

But I go on ... insisting that no amount of trimming city-size toenail bureaucrats or clipping state-size shagtail bureaucrats can ever relieve us from the wolf at the door until we choke the throat of the federal-size beast eating us alive, wagging its feces-smeared shagtail and clawing toenails.

At our annual April 15th occasion of rendering unto imperialists that which is ours, it's a fair time to be reminded in the mathiness of it that for every 12 dollars we send the federal ogre, 10 of the 12 is earmarked for military madness. (FY 2009 Budget: 1200 Billion dollars 'discretionary' spending, i.e., Fed.Income Tax; 1000 Billion dollars of it -- i.e., 1 TRILLION dollars, budgeted to Dept.of Defense &ssociated such as Homeland Insecurity, NSA/CIA/FBI, and interest on DoD-spent debt. As is well known, the other 2400 Billion of Federal 'revenue' is dedicated spending, (NO Congressional discretionary debate), since it is NOT Income Tax collection amounts but rather Social Security and Medicare withholdings accounted strictly *cough* for those Social programs and purposes. The only 'budget' Congress sets is 1200 Billion dollars and 1000 Billion of it Congress mal-appropriates to military deathwork.)

Meanwhile self-destroying military mania is kept frothing in Americans for Suicide, under the hypnotic trance addiction to hate talk media. Richly fee-paid by addicted Pay TV subscribers, and enough extra to slush fund the re-election of the same Congress buying the same billions of bombs and bullets year after imperialist year. City and State political poop-scoopers only follow along, for Federal droppings, and are as irrelevant as wind-blown spinning tissues and just as quixotic to joust against. ... although, as a good start, we could first kill all the lawyers ....

- -
And we shouldn't think it is as simple as Obama. A scary thought occurred to me this week, (as the Colin Powell betrayer boob appeared briefly in the sewer-cams where the internet keeps watch), that Obama is another Powell-copy pitchman, because people believe and trust him, yet, acting frontman for the psychopaths of Powers That Be, who confess openly (if they ever showed their face), "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched." - George H.W. Bush to White House reporter Sarah McClendon, 1992. [ http://my.telegraph.co.uk/mattsta ]

But, hey, heck, mathiness and truthiness is too much factiness. What's on TV tonight ...?

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