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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sayings of a troubled man

Here's a funny yet sad one from the official website of the mayor of Portland:

Only if we can come to terms with Merritt on a stadium deal in Lents will we approach the issue with the Lents community. We do not want to raise expectations with the Lents neighborhood unless we are able to come to terms on a financial deal with Merritt.
First, we can't help but notice and appreciate the first-name basis. Please ignore the fact that the fellow's last name is PAULSON, and that he is the namesake son of BUSH TREASURY SECRETARY HENRY PAULSON. Or maybe he's like Prince and Madonna now -- no last name needed.

But it gets better. Read those words and reflect for a moment on what they represent: a pathetic attempt to portray the secret back-room dealings that have resumed at City Hall as somehow an attempt to protect the fragile feelings of the people who live near Lents Park. That's really cold.

Once the smoke clears and the new money deal with Paulson is cut, the pawns in the Lents neighborhood will be told how it's going to be. In the meantime, any further thoughts of theirs about what should happen to their neighborhood park are clearly not wanted. The huge parking lot, the "Thirsty Thursday" drunks, the displaced public fields -- keep your mouth shut about all that, people. Sam and his good friend Merritt are dealing.

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"We will use this delay to explore all reasonable and realistic options"

Great, seven more days. Seven more days for them to camoflage what they've already decided. Seven more days to stuff in justification for the CC Hotel.

64 days to recall.

Hey Lents is about to get light rail and they'll be a cool as Rockwood.

CoP, Metro and TriMet say that's a real spurring, trigger, linchpin to private investment.

Creepy is as Creepy does.

Since he chose not to do the right thing and resign, he's going to get recalled. Sad and disappointing that he's going to do everything the hard way until then. What a spectacle.

Remember, this is the same man who said he was mentoring Beau because he knows all too well how isolated a young gay person can feel. Sam even mentioned teen suicide among young gays as one of his motivating concerns. So this wasn't about Sam having a fling with a teenager. No way. To hear Sam tell it he had possibly saved Beau's life. Noble behavior like this is rare indeed - especially with politicians

When Sam uses the people of Lents as a smokescreen so there's less time to react when the Memorial Coliseum site is sprung just before the vote - it's not out of a lack of genuine concern for these people of Lents. No way.

Okay, maybe it is, but how can he resist telling us what a caring person he is?

Everything is a bragging moment with Sam. The foolish part is that he steadfastly believes people will buy it and a lot of them do. But I think it speaks volumes when he brags about himself as a caring person and it doesn't make any sense.

It makes me wonder if his emotions are all learned and memorized and what we really have here is a political shark moving through the water. Shallow cold water.

So don't be surprised if the Lents neighborhood doesn't send Sam a Hallmark card thanking him for caring so damn much.

So don't be surprised if the Lents neighborhood doesn't send Sam a Hallmark card thanking him for caring so damn much.

Posted by Bill McDonald | April 27, 2009 1:10 PM

I can tell you from living not in Lent's,but Foster-Powell, that you nailed that on the head, Sam for some are like a 'GROUPIE" kind of deal.

The former Chairwoman,and some others get "tingly" feelings in their legs if he allows them to be near.

While we are collecting recall signatures, let's get them for three ballot measures, while we are at it.

1. No URA's except with majority vote of the people.

2. All URA's sunset at 10 years.

3. All URA expenditures are public records.

Chicago has done item 3. If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for us.

Chicago? You don't say? Isn't that where Sam & Vera stole the "City That Works" tagline years back?

I look forward to Meth Mondays at the new Lents ballpark. Should pull in quite a crowd over there.

Merritt "I'm with Sam Fundraising Committee" Paulson.

Are there any odds yet on where Gary Blackmer will turn up?
Reliable sources tell me it will be at Gerding-Edlen. Others are saying he's throwing in with the Paulson crowd....Anyone?

I look forward to Meth Mondays at the new Lents ballpark. Should pull in quite a crowd over there.

Posted by RJBob

You know RJ, you maybe right, where snobby, trendy neighborhoods, go for upscale recreational drugs,that could be all they can afford, lets show some tolerance for us poor eastside felons.

Here I am, living in Washington County wishing I had stayed in Portland so I could sign a recall petition to help get rid of this complete disaster of an admitted back-room dealing mayor.

You are I,are just beginning this ride

towards socialism.

There are so many signs of so much else that

is happening as well.

Here in this city, the people who are in control....are out of control, and the morality, and ethics of these people are leading us to political hell.

There is now movement,towards fixing this issue, my worry, and those in control's dream, is that your apathy, is so bad, we will never fight back.

My "dream" is that they keep pushing all they want until there is no where is to go, and we come out of our apathetic corner's and kick some butts, I can think of two right now.

" Jack Peek"

I love baseball but will refuse to go to a game in Lents...what a stupid idea!

We're staying away from the Beavers in Portland this year -- may head down to Keizer to watch the Single A team instead. We won't be giving any money to Paulson, if we can help it.

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