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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reader poll: Can the Blazers take the last two games of the Houston series?

In any sport, Game 6's of seven-game playoff series are usually pretty ugly. One team is scratching and clawing to stave off sudden death, and the other team is trying hard not to let its lead slip away and face a single, final, deciding contest. This is how the Rockets and Blazers find themselves as they get ready for Game 6 tomorrow evening, with Houston ahead 3 games to 2.

Ever since the Game 1 Blazer disaster, we've been asking readers what they thought Portland's chances were. And here are the responses we've gotten along the way:

ResultAfter Game 1 - Houston leads 1-0After Game 2 - series tied 1-1After Game 3 - Houston leads 2-1After Game 4 - Houston leads 3-1
Blazers will win in 5 games1%1%------
Blazers will win in 6 games8%14%6%---
Blazers will win in 7 games22%30%39%30%
Rockets will win in 4 games15%---------
Rockets will win in 5 games32%15%17%29%
Rockets will win in 6 games21%34%36%41%
Rockets will win in 7 games1%5%2%0%

As Game 6 approaches, we're now down to just three possible outcomes. Which do you think it will be?

The Blazers have narrowed their deficit against Houston to 3-2. How will the series end up?
Blazers will win in 7 games
Rockets will win in 6 games
Rockets will win in 7 games
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Comments (5)

If the Rockets don't win in 6, the Blazers will win in 7.

Yao is running out of steam, if he crashes in game 6 the Blazers will win in 7. If he can keep up the pace in game 6 the Rockets will win, series over.

As much as I believe and hope the Blazers win it in 7, I am going to stick with my initial prediction of Rockets in 6.

It's all going to depend on what the refs allows in Game 6. If they let the Blazers play Yao the way they did last night, Portland has a chance. If our centers pick up a bunch of touch fouls, we're toast.

From this afternoon's AP article by Chris Duncan:

Yao found a way to score 24 points in Game 1 and 21 in Game 4, leaving the game plan for Game 6 fairly obvious—at least to him.

“Get the ball inside. Get the ball inside. Get the ball inside,” he said. “That’s it.”


The Blazers have lost 12 of their last 13 games at the Toyota Center and 10 of their last 11 road playoff games overall. They’re trying to become just the ninth team in NBA history—out of 185—to rally from a 3-1 deficit and win a seven-game playoff series.

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