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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pirate attack

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Only not as glamorous. They're more like smash-and-dash shoplifters.


At least for now. Not later when the true costs of the piracy, financial and community, come to light.

Can you shape Sad Adumbs' hat a bit more like a dunce cap?

and back at the Tavern, old Captain (Bud) Clark drinks a cool pint and chuckles.

"ahh, it's a fool's errand, chasing after treasure like that, to be sure", he says.

"And Portland's being plundered like Rose Festival sailors at a whorehouse", he adds, brushing the foam from his beard. "Let's hope the scurvy dogs remember to tip, at least".

This photo made my day. Thanks!

Another entrant in best photoshopping contest. I think it deserves some rimshot applause:


(works with keys or mouse)

Nice shop.

I've said it before and I'll say it another 12 times: it is impossible to estimate a demolition/construction budget of this magnitude without first having a site plan, detailed architectual drawings, and a construction timeline.

If you start guestimating before you have all three, then you are making some very dangerous assumptions.

If you let a general contractor do the estimating before these three precursors are in place, you are very likely going to ensure he exceeds his area of expertise (like demolition costs, or complying with BDS requirements, or architects fees).

If they start modifying the scope of the project before it has even been approved, how do they differentiate what is Pauslon's project and what is Cordish's project? It's a recipe for making sure the taxpayer gets screwed coming and going.

The White Stag sign, a gaudy privately owned advertising vehicle, is a Portland icon that has to be preserved unchanged forever. But Memorial Coliseum, publically owned home to thousands of emotionally meaningful events for generations of Portlanders, including the Rose Festival, has to be destroyed immediately?

I had to lift this quote from the Zero article by Ryan White:

Randy Leonard, reflecting on his prior insistence that the City subsidize the part-time low wage workers at PGE Park: "We were being rather paternalistic without asking the workers what they wanted."

And how does he top that? By shoving a soccer team and $250 million in associated BS projects and renovations down our throat. Forget the workers, I'd say that's being rather paternalistic without asking THE CITIZENS what they want.

Just like a pirate.

Oh no! It looks like we're about to be drawn and Rose Quartered.

Not to mention Goldman Sacked.

Jack nice work, but I think vampires would be better. Afterall who is sucking the life blood out of the city?

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