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Monday, April 6, 2009

Now you see it

Another ridiculous Bush administration censorship policy is wisely undone.

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Freedom of the press means just that. I think the press will prove that it understands the importance of dignity when a service man dies.

Don retired E8, from Izmir, Turkey where I'm traveling.

That policy was put in place by Bush Sr and then upheld by both Clinton and Bush Jr. Otherwise it had bipartisan support, which is what we strive for isn't it? Anyway I like Obama's call on this where press needs the families permission to use any images.

The family veto thing is sure to be popular but sets a terrible precedent. A thing is public or it is not. Showing people the costs of war should not be subject to a veto by the family; we already have people objecting to showing the war dead because it will hurt support for the war -- I say that any support that depends on keeping the dead hidden is just support for a lie.

So when is 0bama going to undo the rest of the ridiculous stuff that Bush did, like the so-called Patriot Act?

Or maybe now that he's in office, all that power looks just too good to let go of?

We're waiting, Barry...

And I'm still waiting for the so-called liberals to keep screaming about the potential for abuse inherent in the Patriot Act...or maybe now that a Dem is pres, they're okay with that? So where's the outrage, lefties? [crickets]

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