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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Leave your costume headgear at home

You can't wear it at the Washington State Bar Exam.

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I have examined many bars in Washington and no one has ever complained about my headgear.

I think they're just trying to distinguish from religious headgear.

When I took the Oregon State Bar last July there was a team of female exam-takers wearing homemade tee shirts that read "Minimum Competency" on the front. (Trust me, that's pretty amusing to anyone who's taken one of these tests.) No masks, though.

Well. If I can't bring my weapons and alarm clock I supposed that means my Spanish galleon is also inadmissable.

I passed the Feb 20 bar exam and am glad to forget about it. I never want to hear the words PMBR and Bar-Bri again.

The tax law lecture was interesting; thanks Prof.

Opz I meant Feb '02

Good thing they test only for minimum competency.


And to think I did it the old fashioned way and studied. I can not believe the soda bottle label trick.

Thank God, it looks like capes are still ok.

Oregon is pretty lenient. Consider Virginia, which has a dress code for the exam that requires men to wear suits and ties and similar court-appearance clothes for women (Here's the official site.) Can you imagine two days of a stressful exam in that kind of get-up? Apparently this is strictly enforced. But then, Virginians do honor their traditions in a way that laid-back Oregon never would.

With permission -- religious headgear: I would love to be a proctor when the Jedi contingent arrives.

Wow the south is weird. That's totally insane that VA makes you dress up to take the bar exam. I'm sure the Scantron bubbles really don't care if you have a tie on. And really, the bar exam is just like appearing in court: you have to have everything memorized and you can't bring any written materials in with you. How long do we think until that requirement goes out the window?

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