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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just what Oregonians need

A 9% increase in their electricity bills.

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This is the PUC (pronounced, I think, like it's spelled) looking out for us. The increase will be highly stimulative.

Someone has to pay for Peggy's retirement.

Peggy works at the other company. This one probably has more to do with Mrs. Goldschmidt's retirement.

9% is nothing compared to what rates will do if Oregon passes SB80, cap & trade.

Its intent is to raise energy prices until people are forced to use 80% LESS energy due to rising prices.

Are you ready for $10 gasoline and double electric bills? That is what Vicki Walker and Jackie Dingfelder and Representatives Ben Cannon, Jules Bailey and Tobias Read want to do to us. Passing of this energy tax is also a high priority of the Gov.


Oops Jack, my bad.

Considering how of a percentage of total energy reserves computers use, we may soon see a surtax on computer sales or on ISP contracts and networks with the money going to the city or electric companies.

Expect to see yearly increases like this as the global warming crowd tries to force everyone back to the stone age.

We elected nannies, now we have to do what they tell us. Remember, they are smart and know what is best for us and we're too stupid to make our own decisions.

Don't forget CoP water went up 6% last year and is going up 16% in June.

So I don't know if letting CoP run electricity is a great idea either.

Get used to it.

If Oregon's cap-and-tax scheme (SB 80) is approved, we will long for the days that power bills went up by only 9.1%.

Jack -

IIRC, the second Mrs. Goldschmidt had nothing to do with Pacific Power & Light as an employee, officer or director.

I believe the second Mrs. Goldschmidt made a well deserved good reputation in private industry working for what then was Pacific Northwest Bell in pre Qworst days.

I'm open to corrections.

You are wrong. Mrs. G. was identified by the Tribune as "Former senior operations executive officer for Pacific Power & Light, former senior vice president of operations for Pacific Telecom, former interim superintendent of Portland Public Schools, current owner of Urban Design Works consulting firm." Pacific Telecom was a PP&L subsidiary.

Expect to see yearly increases like this as the global warming crowd tries to force everyone back to the stone age.

As opposed to the anti-science global warming deniers, who want to shove everyone forward to "Waterworld."

This makes no sense: there is excess hydro power this time of year, coal and natural gas are at three year lows, and the installed wind generators were paid for with "voluntary" rate increases (green power signups).

The NW used to have the lowest electric rates in the country, in 2007 we were still (at 8.13 cents/kWh) below the median (10.64 cents/kWh) What happened?


What we need is a reasonable sales tax.

Jack --

Thanks for the correction. I conflated Pacific Telcom and Pacific NW Bell.

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