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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is it time to bury voice mail?

Sounds good to me.

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Voicemail sucks.

Captain Bill can write the 1000 word essay on why.

Voicemail is great---delivers much information more quickly than email or texting, and no risk of tendonitis in your thumbs!

Didn't know I was that trendy (at 60), but I've been ignoring voice mail for years and just calling the person back, if that. Unless it's a customer, but then they frequently mumble their number and I end up calling someone else.

The mumbled number thing has become an epidemic.

All of this so far is from the perspective of the callee only. What about the caller? I don't like the telephone much at all, with its rigid requirement of synchronous participation and its tendency to interrupt. And "call waiting" is intolerable. But voicemail at least gives the caller something other than a busy signal to (try to) work with.

OMG I am hip. Who knew?

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