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Friday, April 10, 2009

If we recall Mayor Creepy, cont'd

David Bragdon doesn't seem interested in becoming the next mayor of Portland, but now it appears that Mildred Schwab may have a shot.

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The dead mayor couldn't do any more harm than the live one we got now. Let's opt for dead city council members too!
...and a dead Oregon house and senate isn't a bad idea either, come to think of it!

Ms. Schwab has my vote!

But seriously: Adams needs to resign.

Mildred, heel

Where is Frank Ivancie now that we need him?

Dead person vs. Sam - That is tough.

Sam Adams and David Bragdon are two different people?

Heh...I knew Mildred. I'd vote for her over several of the present "talent" on the council, even if she is dead.

Ah, Frank. A throw-back's throw-back. He had his stellar moments, though. For a long time, he was the only member of the not-Neil club on council. I seem to remember the then tighty-righties tagging Frank as a union toady. I just don't know. That's when there were still 'conservative Democrats' and they had not yet all deserted to the GOP.

I'd vote for Tom McCall for governor again. Do you know anybody better?

And Wayne Morse...I think I would have taken Wayne-in-no-pain over what we got for US Senator (or have had since he left).

Yes, portland Native, you have a genuinely inspired idea. 'Vote dead'.

Definitely would vote for Schwab. Actually think I have already written her in at least once lately. She would be singeing the ear hairs of these profligate jokers.

Tom Peterson for Mayor! Gloria can be chief of staff...

After Bob Skipper is done rooting out the corruption and dead weight at the Multnomah County Sherrifs office maybe we could sign him up for a mayoral gig....

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