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Friday, April 24, 2009

Glimmer of hope

"If we come to September and we don't have a deal in place, then we're not going to have Major League Soccer in Portland," Paulson said.

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Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty.

I find it hard to believe MLS would turn down $35 million from Paulson no matter where the franchise was located.

Also interesting to note that Saltzman believes if there's no deal it means no Beavers (at least he did on Wednesday) and Paulson believes if there's no deal, there's no MLS. Would Paulson accept either selling the Beavers or moving them to another city if Portland were to forgo a new baseball stadium and only renovate PGE Park to MLS standards? Timbers Army would take that deal in a second.

Oh puleeze!!!!!puleeze!, let it be so!
Go away Master Paulson and defraud some other town or city!


Did you see this yet? All sorts of backpedaling now that Lents is in the picture.

Little Lord Paulson™ is no dummy; he knows a stadium in Lents would be an even bigger financial bomb then the coliseum site and cost him dearly in ticket guarantees for the Beavers.

I predict that if the Lents option is deemed the only alternative location for a new baseball park, Paulson will soon thereafter "regretfully" announce he's been forced to sell the Beavers to help pay for some sort of cost overrun at PGE Park.

This is a VERY telling part of the article.

"In a joint discussion late Thursday with The Oregonian, Adams and Paulson said they would take the extra time to work up the details on what it would cost to build the baseball park in Lents."

Sam Adams isn't Mayor OF Portland...he's Mayor FOR Paulson.

Extra time with Merritt - and Slamin Sammy scores. Hey, doesn't he look earnest? http://blog.oregonlive.com/sports_impact/2008/09/Merritt-Paulson1.jpg

Correction: If the whole soccer team does not go to bed with Sam Adams by September then were not going to have Major League Soccer in Portland. That is why they call them "partnerships".

" The AM fishwrapper,what the hell is it with these guys in Tualatin,and other metro locations outside of \"StumpTown,\"........that tell PDXERS what we should do about MSL/stadiums/sports and there worth..etc.

I'm against this mess, not because its MLS, or the value of sports,I'm against it because it in these times of economic stress for us all except the very rich, and those that think they are,(those who's homes are not taxed the same as mine, or those who develop those homes at the expense of those who don't get those subsidies.

Do I want those supports....NOPE, that takes us down a whole another road, and socialism, while it's coming,is not my cup of tea.

What I want, and feel sooner then later is coming, an event in July, will leverage control back to those who really deserve it, that event being the recall of one and maybe two elected officials who have lost reality, and know squat about the basics of guiding a cities needs.


Cops, fire, water/sewage/streets,and schools, and that last one within reason and measured performance.

If you want socialism,bigger government ,and can afford it, cause that is who pays for it..we do.

Fill my potholes, send me the cops and firemen when called, give me a cool drink in July when I sign the recall effort.

Then we can discuss the over priced toys Sam and what's his name want to play with."

MLS sounds like the name of a disease.

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