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Friday, April 10, 2009

Coming soon to industrial inner southeast

A reader who sounds pretty knowledgable writes:

Here's a tip. At the old Taylor Electric site, 240 SE Clay, home of the big fire a couple of years ago, a new 5-story office building for one of the cable/media outfits will start in the next couple of months. ClearChannel I think. Another possible eastside view blocker. Maybe it will be a nice addition. At least it isn't condos.

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This is somewhat surprising to hear, given that Clear Channel has taken it on the chin in recent months, losing a ton of ad revenue. Maybe he means a 5 story building with CC as an anchor? I can't believe they could fill up the whole thing.

The other one that is funny, is that they want to build more density into this area after STILL not having a freeway onramp in the CEID.

The district has been asking for a Clay St. ramp for decades. This will only make the problems worse.

The beginning of the end for inner southeast Portland. How about the multi-story Hanna High rise being discussed for the east end of the Ross Island Bridge. A great place to park boats, cars and bankruptcies under an environmental disguise. Beware!

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