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Friday, April 24, 2009

Beware the Blazers' "entertainment district"

The outfit that would develop the expanded, highly corporate, condo- and gambling-heavy Rose Quarter -- called Cordish Co. -- has built one in Kansas City, and it's a bomb in every respect. I don't mean that in a good way.

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Youtube has a good and cheesy video posted about this Cordish co. sport-Disneyland like district.

Having been to KC recently, I visited the P & L district and I thought it was pretty nice, much nicer then the rest of downtown KC. The question is- would something similar work in Portland at the Rose Quarter? I think it would with some minor changes. I know KC and Portland are very different, but many in KC like it. The Rose Quarter needs to be developed and i think this can work....but please just tear down the MC if the city won't update it.

Atleast the Rose Garden has some tenants, unlike the arena in KC...what a joke.

to be fair, 4th Street Live in Louisville is not a bomb and is a pretty good/cool thing...

I'm not sure how successful a 24/7 entertainment district will be considering that OLCC rules cut off liquor sales at 2:30 am and the only gambling allowed would be a video poker parlor, not casinos or slots.

I thought "video poker" includes slots nowadays.

Remember, it's all just a "lottery"... what a scam.

Without even getting into the merits of the design of the P & L district, do some research on Cordish's restrictive racist "dress" codes for the area.

"I thought "video poker" includes slots nowadays."

I have no idea. I've never played, and haven't even looked at the machines. I've never been to a casino, either. And the only time I've ever seen a slot machine was in a gas station bathroom in Reno on a road trip to California.

My comment was meant as a heads up about what might be in discussion behind the scenes; a Phase II plan for the entertainment district.

Encouraging drinking and gambling in tight economic times . . . really responsible, City of Portland.

Why don't they consider investing in something with a future that gives rather than takes from the majority of taxpayers?

This is real "grasshopper" rather than "ant" behavior.

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