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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bad penny

Can't believe this showed up in our mailbox yesterday:

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And no opponent.

So, absent a very fast and well organized write in campaign, he is going to win.

At least he hasn't, yet, boasted of his skills in "mentoring" troubled youth.

Imagine the hue and cry if a self proclaimed "mentor" of troubled young men was running for an ESD position?

Hey, Bernie's lonely and needs some tenderoni. You have a better place for him to recruit?

Forget the ESD job... I notice that his present occupation is "high school sports official".


(voice from April 23, "variety of experience" . . . annoying table pounding for emphasis . . . "budget, budget, and [pause] budget" . . . brain fart and a Freudian-something about "appointment" by the Governor . . .)

He's got a degree in BS from Willamette. Didn't know they offered it, but it suddenly makes a lot of sense.

This jumped out at me yesterday too. As Nonny states above, this person will get elected to serve Multomah Co. unless there is a serious write-in challenger.

Bernie needs to get back into the public sector. He's been having a hard time picking up chicks.

OK, who is the official write-in candidate? This guy can't be allowed anywhere near a public office.

If someone, in the media, had the chestnuts to really go after Neil, Bernie would be a minor accessory in a big story.

I thought Bad Penny was our ex-police chief.

Now that I find out Bernie has a degree from Willamette, all that money I spent on my degree there seems tragically over priced.

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