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Thursday, April 30, 2009

An eco-roof for the homeless

Now, that's Portland.

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Great let's spend 50% more to save 25% on energy costs and reduce the number of "affordable housing units" for the homeless. I know that the homeless are going to care about having a weed filled green roof which will require an irrigation system to prevent the plants from dehydrating in summer months. Oh, and let's not forget the benefit of adding 20% more steel to the structure to support the "green roof"

"The new building is, ... to include a system for harvesting rainwater and an eco-roof with an outdoor terrace."

"Harvesting rainwater!!" OMG that's a riot! Can you imagine talking like this ten, twenty years ago? Maybe there'll be some labor opportunities in this new industry!

I hope that roof top Eden will allow camping.

Where is Jonathan Swift when you need him?
One Stadium lost money, so the Leaders thought it wise to build two and make it up on the volume. They put dirt and weeds on their roofs and banished vehicles from the streets. It was decreed that retiring government employees should be paid more after they quit working. The bridge was congested, so it was thought wise to replace it with a smaller one. Such material! Such Morons!

While I'm usually a pessimist...hence the name..the Blanchet House project is a great investment and will help that part of town alot. This is how you do homeless services. The city could learn from Blanchet House and what they are doing when they build their $20+ million Homeless Access Center up the street.

Remember folks - you can't just make this stuff up! It's being put together by the freakign idiots on the public payrolls. If there is any doubt that these people have no common sense, this is a perfect example.

I can't believe they built an eco-roof before an eco-brewery. Which would benefit the homeless more?

You know, when you buy into the 'green' song-and-dance, you need to ride it to the bottom. Portland just keeps getting dumber and dumber and dumber. Just when you think they finally HAVE hit bottom, they get out the shovel and keep digging deeper. How wonderfully stupid of them.

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