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Friday, March 27, 2009

Widmer-Red Hook merger wasn't magic

They had a tough first year together.

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Proving that just a threat of increasing the beer tax is causing beer drinkers to reduce their consumption!

I think Widmer have really stepped up their game lately. The Brr! seasonal was fantastic, and I'm really enjoying the new Drifter pale ale. For years I thought their brews were pretty pedestrian and boring, but I like what I'm tasting. i hope their economic situation turns around.

I second Drivin' Fool's comments about Widmer. Now, if only Redhook can start making some interesting brews again. They're still stuck in 1997...

Per the report: ...fuller-flavored offerings from big-name domestic brewers have sliced into the company’s sales

They admit the problem, and certainly ought to understand that if they aren't distinguished from the big boys, they will lose. So like Drivin' Fool and TKrueg, I hope they can turn things around - I don't want to have the "macro-micros" take over the craft market.

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