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Monday, March 30, 2009

Trying to keep a straight face

Helicopter manufacturer Erickson Air-Crane has moved 25 employees to Portland and opened an international office here. This is cause for celebration, but of course the ongoing criminal investigation of the city's mayor clouds everything. There he is at some sort of press shindig with the Erickson people, and everybody is silently making up their own helicopter-related sex jokes.

Anyhow, Erickson, welcome to our little corner of the planet. You're obviously a brave outfit.

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From my take, it was more a consolidation of employees than new business, so they already had a presence here.

BTW - Someone may want to tell Sam Intel is still recruiting and continuing its expansion. All without TIFs.

Twenty five employees. WOW!

Careful, Jack. It may not be safe to use the term "straight face" anymore.

That's 25 executive types Doc

That's 25 more than was there the day before. For all y'all who think some company with 20,000 employees is just gonna magically relo to PDX, put the funny herb down.

That's a big assumption, mp97303.

I don't think that some 20K employee firm is going to magically relocate here. I think that anyone who thinks that 25 new employees means that there are 25 more than the day before needs to set the funny herb down.

Your assumption ignores that at least 140 employees left or were terminated in the same period, so we're down a net 115 employees.

I notice they don't make a big deal about all the firms that relocated out of the area.

'I notice they don't make a big deal about all the firms that relocated out of the area.'

That's cause firms leaving isn't news anymore...it's SOP...

Now, one moving in....that's news....

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