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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Sayings of Fireman Randy

Here's today's howler: "[I]t is challenging to confront vested interests, such as unions...."

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"Leonard suggested city leaders be careful about getting into a commitment that could hurt the city's finances."
[snare drum roll/cymbal crash]
Yeah, that would be awful if that ever happened.

Leonard gives disingenuousness a bad name.

Almost daily we get examples of how Creepy and Leonard are unfit for office.

And I'm having a hard time figuring out which one is more unfit.

Does this have something to do with Leonard ordering the Water Bureau to cover over "The City That Works" on Water Bureau vehicles with stickers which say "From Forest to Faucet"?

On the issue of unions versus city one might look at the March 13 memorandum re City of Vallejo.

Watch it, Leonard might be the next governor!

"The county must do some of that hard work before I would agree to assume any of their current responsibilities"

Code for - Let's keep stalling and Wheeler can never cut enough to make us contribute. Randy's not going to cut anything, don't make me laugh (or cry).

One more thing about Randy stating how much Mult County benefits from URAs (after the bonds are paid off in 30 years, of course.)

How much is Randy saving by:
- Not maintaining bridges
- Not contributing anything to schools
- Not doing any medical services

I agree. It certainly must be "challenging to confront vested interests" while at the same time bending over in front of them.

Only an extremely limber political acrobat can pull off that maneuver.

Don't hurt yourself Randy.

It's funny to listen to Pele talking out of both sides of his face about dealing with the unions. When he was a union member he worked overtime sticking it to the taxpayers - rigging the idiotic pension/disability fund that Portland has for cops and firemen. Then he spent his years in the legislature doing more of the same - protecting the pension fund from the tax limitation that was passed by voters. NOW he feigns "confronting special interests" i.e. the unions. Doesn't he realize people see right through his b.s.? What a clown!

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