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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The $1,000-a-month studio apartment

"These are people who like to be connected to a community. They like to be part of a movement."
Translation: The landlord's on Twitter.

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I already Face. I refuse to Tweet.

You can fix it so that your Face auto-Tweets.

I had a lamp like that once...35 years ago.

They deserve credit for trying to be creative but $995 is still too expensive for a 600 sf loft (not studio, although maybe it is a studio being called by a trendier name).

Most nauseating sentiment in the article . . . that the marketer has created a whole new "generation" to target . . . Generation "O" (for Obama) which she identifies as more community oriented.

"Between 2008 and 2010, central Portland is gaining an unprecedented 3,100 luxury apartments, according to a new report by analyst Greg LeBlanc of Portland-based Moscato, Ofner & Henningsen."

It will clearly be a race to see which luxury-condos-gone-rentals can some up with the most enticing bells and whistles . . . online concierges, built-in car washes, free bike fleets, community gardens, etc. etc. and how long these amenities will last.

The upside of renting in a Cinderella condo building (reduced to rental) is that it will almost certainly be better built than something intended for rental from the get-go.

The downside? As soon as the economy improves sufficiently any renters will be eventually turfed out unless they are willing to buy their unit when everything reverts to condomania.

"These are people who like to be connected to a community. They like to be part of a movement."

They are part of a movement.

Time to flush.

"Be the corn."

It's interesting that although the developer wants to cram lots of people in his overpriced and "soul-less" condo towers, he himself lives in a large single family residence with lots of property around it. What's good enough for the masses yearning for connections apparently isn't good enough for him.

That's the problem with the high-density dream: Many successful people simply refuse to live that way, and they can afford not to.

Honestly.... This facebook and twitter nonsense is out of control... I do not care about what one is doing every waking moment of their life.

"Brad Boggs, a 26-year-old personal trainer, will pay reduced rent in exchange for providing one-hour assessments of fellow residents at the Cyan gym. He also gets a ready-made customer base for ongoing in-house training."

What's the bounty these days on tax evaders?

I worked on this place, not as bad as the civic as far as craftsmanship. The living spaces at the civic were larger and I was thoroughly unimpressed (with either place). It seemed to me, at the time, that they were trying to sell or make that force sell a semi-flawed product. Turns out, I'm right.

Check out the marketing for the place -- it's a lot about "swapping and sharing with your neighbors." An IRS criminal agent's field day.

"I do not care about what one is doing every waking moment of their life."

You can always ignore it. I mean some of these blogs with abour 20 posts for each comment (ahem,Portland Water Bureau and LoadedOrygun) are more about ego-tripping than actual information.

Responding to them only encourages them to do it more.

If swapping & sharing is a criminal offense, it's time to burn the federal tax code.

Bummer of a birthmark, Frank.

What's the bounty these days on tax evaders?

Allan: are you implying that a personal trainer who makes his neighbors clients is evading taxes? I'm confused...

Godfry - Not quite as good as distinctive as Gorbachev's. I'm thinking of having it
"enhanced" by a tattoo artist.

If you are sad puppy with time on your hands you might want to spend a bit of time looking at the "comments" below that article.
Cement ceilings, no parking incl in the price yadda yadda...plus an in house tame blogger asking you to go to "blogs and beer" to get the skinny on the aprts..sounds absolutely awful.

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