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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Talking back to Dick

I don't usually get up to watch the Sunday morning talking heads, but this might be worth it.

UPDATE, 7:26 p.m.: I won't even have to -- it will be on after the ballgames tomorrow night.

Comments (6)

No need to get up early--it's on 60 Minutes tomorrow eve.

Even better!

If you go to the 60 Minutes Website, whatever's on that Sunday is usually available to view that day, so you don't have to wait till 7pm on Sunday to see it..

Heh, so Timmy G is Obama's "heckuva job Brownie"?

He shouldn't even respond.

Dick Cheney is beneath engaging in a dialogue. Let the sack of s**t fade away.

The only people who should be interested in Dick Cheney anymore are a team of tireless, humorless investigators at the Justice Department. Or the Hague.

Unfortunately, he does have to respond. We all do. The Bush gang is out there right now running their mouths trying to rewrite history. Some of it will stick - we know that. But if we remain silent, it will just get worse.
Karl, Condi, Dick, W., Ari - they've all taken turns recently. The lies are flowing like lava from a volcano. Unchallenged by the facts, they will eventually have us naming public schools for George W. Bush - one of the 5 greatest Presidents of all time.

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