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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stimulus: The other white meat

Now with its own seal of approval:

Comments (17)

Will this include tattoos on foreheads?

Something for the other lapel.

It's calm and organized. I like it.

Hmm, needs a red star. Maybe a hammer and sickle.

Like "homeland security"?

I don't even want to know what that unnecessary logo cost to design. I'm still trying to get over the huge amount charged by someone to "design" a single sans serif letter "U" logo for the University of Oregon a few years ago.

Is there a 12 step program involved?

The evolution of the Gerald Ford Whip Inflation Now button.

I'd like to see what the bailout seal looks like. Of course the banks would have control over its design so it wouldn't feature bags of cash, corporate jets and $12,000 office chairs like it should.

NW Portlander: you're thinking of Uregon.

Right, Jon, only a bunch of commies would spend public funds putting people to work when we haven't finished covering the bankers' losses.

If it had wings, it could be the grandchild of the NRA Eagle that tried to get us out of the depression.

A couple of posts ago here I suggested that the Obama economic plan was going to give the economy the approximate glide path of a B-17G in a flat spin, with 3 engines on fire.

Swell, now we know what the nose art will look like.

only a bunch of commies would spend public funds putting people to work when we haven't finished covering the bankers' losses.

Put to work for how long? A year maybe? Then its back to unemployment. And then the localities wont have the money to run those dandy public projects that they spent all that loot on. But hey, we'll have another streetcar line!

And the bankers shouldnt have gotten a dime. Same for the car companies. They dug their own holes.

Why doesn't it says: "As AIG goes, so goes The World"?

I've been listening to talking heads explain why AIG needs to be bailed out, and it's very scary.

Jon is right, all this spending is going to be our downfall. Rewarding irresponsibility is never a good idea. For a while I was actually beginning to believe it was Bush's plan to raid the piggy bank for his buddies, but now Obama is doing the same exact thing.

I'm sorry guys I cannot get too excited about this other than wanting to rise from my chair and slap the person that thinks this is really important for the economy to recover. What really ticks me off is that the only folks that deserve a bail out arent getting one. What they have to look forward to is higher income taxes to pay for all the losers.
Where the heck is my bailout for all the money I have lost after scrimping and saving throughout my years of working? Where's my bailout for being responsible?
And just why does Mr Obama think we aren't important? As far as I can see he is leading us down a dark dank path-this is not the change I wanted.

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