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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reader poll: How long before you eat peanuts again?

Peanut insanity continues. Now Sheridan Fruit is recalling all kinds of peanuts it sold over a 13-month period. A lot of these were sold to restaurants.

Given the ever-expanding recall, I'm pretty much through knowingly consuming these bad boys for the foreseeable future. How about you?

How long will it be before you'll eat peanuts, or anything made with peanuts, again?
More than six months
Three to six months
One to three months
Less than one month
I'm still eating them now
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Comments (14)

Still eating Adam's Peanutbutter and that's about it.

An occasional bag of goobers - salted - shell on? I'll accept that risk. Hoping for a Blazer comeback, ohp, back to the game and nuts.

Yes, Adams (though it's now really Smucker's) PB. My children would probably starve to death if we had to stop eating it. Supposedly the "major" PB brands are still safe...

I have a hard time eating anything with the name "Adams" :)

Loving the Planter's Kettle Roasted in the foil-like plastic resealable bag. Sounds corny but the things are really crunchy and flavorful. I'm counting on Planter's to have its act together, food-safety-wise.

Baseball season is only a month away. I'm not going to worry about peanuts until our first Mariners game.

When the PeanutCorp/salmonella news first broke, my thought was "no peanuts or peanut products til my birthday in August", but it has just kepy evolving. I've decided cashew & almond butter are just as good as peanut butter, and not too expensive at Trader Joe's, and that I can substitute for roasted nuts too...plenty of options. So maybe August 2010...

Santa Cruz Organic Dark Roasted Cruncht Pnut butter...I'll risk death.

imo, americans had better get used to food poisoning its one of the unavoidable consequences of living in a banana republic.

The Girl Scout Cookies even come with a certification that the peanuts are OK this year.

A couple of days ago I actually saw a peanut industry ad on network television. Promoting peanuts as safe and tasty. Little kids chugging peanuts and smiling.

This seemed very surreal, given the current hysterical climate.

When peanuts are outlawed, only outlaws will have peanuts.

I don't know about peanuts, but earlier this week I ate a couple of handfuls of almonds from Trader Joe's immediately before being hit by a stomach thing that laid me flat for two days.

Think couch, bed or toilet for 48 hours.

I'm not saying the almonds made me sick, but I'm going to be a little gun shy next time.

Still eating my Adam's peanut butter. It's probably the safest time to be eating peanuts, the industry is under a microscope now.

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