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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MLS to Portland? Maybe not

This morning the word on the street was that Portland would be awarded its "major" league soccer franchise on Friday. But now the O and the Daily Journal of Commerce are reporting that it won't -- that the decision on the franchise has been "postponed."

I wouldn't blame the league if it held off on this. The goofy "deal" that the City Council passed last week has some serious holes in it, and it's pretty clear that unless the taxpayers get snookered, the business model for a Portland team simply isn't going to pan out.

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You are a few hours behind on this one. The Oregonian and Tribune are both reporting a press conference on Friday. The Oregonian has confirmation from City Hall that MLS will be awarded a team.

And my fingers are a few minutes behind my brain. The Oregonian has confirmation from City Hall that *Portland* will be awarded a team.

Both of the stories linked to in my post say that the decision has been postponed. Like everything to do with this dumb plan, the conflicting reports make no sense.

technically the decision has been postponed because the announcement deadline was the 19th and MLS won't announce this officially until the 19th.

A later report posted by The O at 3:24 pm is titled "Sources: MLS bringing soccer team to Portland." Plus I saw a TV news satellite truck parked in front of PGE Park around 4 pm.

Sorry. (Excuse me while I leave the room to barf.)

"Postponed" means two days to these guys, I guess. I can only imagine what "guarantee" means to them.

Headline should read,

Ponzi scheme reports another $40 million rube in Portland, Oregon. Insiders expect MLS to fold before 2011 season opener in Portland.

It will be Portland, Ohio. Must keep the East/West balance.

I hate to say it but it is a done deal.

The MLS Commish is coming to Portland for the announcement Friday morning after being in Seattle Thursday for the Sounders first game....

I don't often wish for bad things to happen, but I hope that a big sinkhole opens up in the center of the field at PGE Park, after renovations are done.

I don't know how you-all will pay for it, but you're gonna like having soccer in your town. :)

How about a Soccer Trust? Revenue from tax return donations and special license plates put in a fund to repay money taken from the state general fund for the Major League Stadium Fund.

theres no money coming from the states general fund. its coming from spectator funds that are set up just for this. PGE and rose garden ticket taxes go into the spectator fund. the education, road, general, and urban renewal funds are left untouched. You should go to the game on april 30 and see what MLS is all about. Sit in 107 and everyone will be more than happy to talk with on you why you think its not a good idea while you experience what MLS is all about instead of hating on it with no idea about it.

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