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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Job security

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$5.50? That must be an old graphic...

Who the heck woud give him references for a job like that?

I wonder if he'll bother to check IDs.

I wonder if he'll bother to check IDs.

You betcha - you must be under 18 to be "served" - eeks!

Considering where Sam's hands have been, I wouldn't want him serving me anything, even if it was free.

Wrong sales item. He should be out there yelling: "Nuts!"

They should just include one of Sam's famous hot dogs as part of the ticket price. Let's play ball !

The cooler case he's carrying...."lite"....in the loafers, I presume?

What happens if the guy buying the beer looks underage and asks for a Sam Adams. Which will he get?

I don't think that's a Food Handlers license he's got...

That picture is perfect - Samadams' head is way too big for his hat.

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