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Friday, March 27, 2009

If we recall Sam Adams...

... here's my nominee for mayor.

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So is KFC recycling their fryin' fat as "bio-asphalt" in the paving mixture?

I love it. If businesses can get roadsigns acknowledging the work they do to clean up a portion of some highway, then why not this?

I wouldn't care if pothole patches began advertising strip bars and payday lenders, so as long as it saves my suspension.

As long as its organic chicken's go for it. We can call it chicken Mc pot holes

Pack them with the mashed potatoes and seal with the gravy.

I wouldn't care if pothole patches began advertising ... payday lenders

Judging per Jack's long term debt meter on the sidebar, Portland may have to go to them for day-to-day operations.

Brian Steele, a spokesman for the Chicago Department of Transportation, which is charged with repairing the city's potholes, said "We don't allow any type of printing or advertising placed on a city street or sidewalk."

OMG, who cares? The paint would wear off in a few months anyway. And its FREE.

The advertising is done with sprayed on chalk and it washes off during the first rain. Without rain it wears off in about 10 days.

I heard a representative from KFC on Bob Miller's radio show talking about it this morning.

The opposition to this kind of proposal reminds me of what happened with bus shelters. A few decades ago there were some companies offering cities free installation AND maintenance of bus shelters, if the cities permitted the companies to post advertising on the shelters. Cities virtually everywhere refused the offer. They didn't want the free service for esthetic reasons. (Just ignore that the inside and outside of all city buses are plastered with advertising.)

I wouldn't be too surprised if the present state of the economy causes many municipalities to reconsider their no advertising (except ON and IN buses) policies. It's an issue that deserves to be revisited.

Who would have believed that some good come out of a tanking economy? Maybe this is another example of that new saying: never let a good crisis go to waste.

I think KFC has a good thing going here with this pothole program--I seriously think that commercial advertisement could be a viable way to fund road/highway building and maintenance in the future.

IF WE RECALL....??? I'm counting the days....

KFC is getting exactly what they wanted: tons of free exposure in exchange for very little asphalt.

You better be careful with these ideas. Fireman Randy might take control of the city streets and start advertising himself.

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