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Friday, March 27, 2009

Have a great weekend

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Right on! 'nough said.

Yes, Joan Jett rocks. On another topic, was that Will Ferrell in the crowd at the front? Blond & a little bushy-haired?

Prof. Jack:

Do you take "great weekend" requests? How about "I've Got Something to Shout About" by the Dixie Hummingbirds? (On YouTube). Old school gospel at its pinnacle!

We've had Sister Rosetta Thorpe as a guest -- blew the roof off the dump. I remember the Dixies from Rhymin' Simon -- worth looking into. Thank you.

The lead-in was Bad Reputation. Click here and scroll down for a great rendition 'alienation made soothing'


As I recall, Joan's version of that one was NSFW.

She came to the late, great Key Largo nightclub in Old Town Portland one night in the early '90s. Did a great show, with a slightly more grown-up vibe.

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