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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Final buzzer

They played one last pro basketball game at the Philadelphia Spectrum last night. The home team left the place a dozen years ago or more, and the owners will be knocking it down this fall. But Dr. J. and Moses came back to one last hurrah last night, and the Sixers beat the Bulls.

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Once we drove to philly and caught a Football game , then walked across to the Spectrum for the NHL Hockey game. This is what it can be like for the Rosey Quarter.

Without the parking.

Could a creative and industrious young engineer lift the lid on that place and put luxury suites in there? I think so.

Look at it. It's beautiful even today. Timeless. Rationalism.

Not only Dr. J., Moses, and Wilt The Stilt... Two Stanley Cups. A lot of historic rock concerts. And the place where Sly Stallone fought Apollo Creed in Rocky I and II.

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