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Friday, March 6, 2009

Effort of duplication

If you still file your tax returns on paper, whoopdee doo! Free copies. (But not for a few more weeks.)

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Another sounds-good-but-not-real. Early filers, like earned income credit people, are left out. By March 22nd my taxes will be done and I will be in Turkey or Jordan. This isn't much of an offer.

We mailed our returns four days ago. Federal return was 17 pages long and Oregon was 4 pages. I could have saved about $1.05 (at 5 cents per page) if I had only known about this offer earlier.

I thought about e-filing, but I decided to stimulate the economy by letting postal workers, data entry clerks, paper makers, etc. have something to do.

Office Depot isn't open at 11:45 pm April 15. I'm out of luck.

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