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Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Michelle Obama

I see you are going to get a vegetable garden going on the White House grounds. Good for you -- seriously. May I make a suggestion? You need these guys to help you. I can set you up with them if you'd like.

I know you probably have more expert advice at your disposal than you really need, but I doubt that any of your advisors can hold a candle to a certain gardener friend of mine. Before you plant the whole thing, give her a call.

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Last night was huge for my talk show client 9 weeks from the end of the gig, and it was fun to sense the excitement down in Los Angeles. I didn't have any jokes on - although I had one the night before - but that's going to happen. Everybody - including all the writers - was revved up for a history making appearance.
A couple of times, they've used something I wrote in an introduction, so I tried with this, although I knew it was a long shot and ultimately wasn't used. But here it is: "Ever since the Inauguration, there's been nothing but love, praise and respect for one person. Unfortunately Michelle Obama couldn't be here tonight but we were able to get her husband...."

Translation: I think Michelle rocks. The more America gets to know her, the more obvious it will be. We've got a tremendous First Lady here, and I love the idea of 2 little kids and a garden at the White House.

Ha! Thanks Jack!

I would definitely advise her to build that soil: after however many years of supporting the monoculture of a lawn on that site, the soil could use a little TLC, and definitely some could compost. A little Tillamook compost (mmmoooooooooo) and some worm castings could help get their garden off to a great start.

Chop chop: it's springtime gardeners!

Michelle Obama 2016!!

I think she's way too smart to run for that thankless job.

Isn't there some local guy who's a noted gardner and hard worker that Ms. Obama could put out back of the White House somewhere?

That reminds me, the original "doyen of dirt" on NPR also lives in PDX:


This is excellent news. It's an opportunity for lots of people to learn that food doesn't come from a truck, even if it's called "truck farming".

No shortage of fertilizer. :-)

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