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Friday, March 6, 2009

Among the victims

We blogged a while back about a website dedicated to the history of the Portland-area sporting goods enterprise once known as G.I. Joe's. Now it looks like that history may be coming to an end.

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Joe's has no one to blame but themselves. They priced themselves out of the market. For example, I needed a new pair of New Balance running shoes (I have Fred Flintstone feet), went to Joes as it was close, found the shoes and nearly toppled over with their pricing. Bought the same pair at Nordstrom for 15 bucks less.....

Wow. Joes was undersold by NORDSTROM???

Years ago, Joes could have taken the route of catering to passive outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Instead, they chose the route of the gun, ATV, and snowmobile crowd. Bad choice.


Eye roll eye roll eye roll.......
Nice try in your weak attempt to turn the BK into a political issue.... You must be new to the business world.......

For at least the past 20 years, Nordstrom has had a pricing policy that they'll reduce their price if you can find it elsewhere cheaper

Fonzi: You must be new to the business world...

That I am. But experienced enough that I noted, per REI's latest 2008 report to members, they've achieved an 8.6% CAGR for sales over the past 8 years.

Too bad Joes couldn't (or didn't) see the handwriting and evolve away from their core customer base.

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