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Monday, February 2, 2009

Whole Foods and feds talk settlement

The Federal Trade Commission is putting on hold its effort to unwind the Whole Foods takeover of Wild Oats, while the two sides discuss a possible out-of-court resolution of the government's antitrust claim against the high-end grocery purveyor.

Attention, FTC: I'm looking for at least a free rotisserie chicken out of this!

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Great, I'm SO glad they made grocers like New Seasons hand over sensitive internal documents for nothing, after long and expensive legal battles on all sides. This has been one sad, wasteful game they've played. Damn them all.

I don't believe that New Seasons ever responded to that subpoena. I might have missed something in the news, but I believe this was the most recent status update on the New Seasons part of the whole mess.

Actually, NSM did have to provide documents, but not as much as previously requested. Still...


I guess my point was Whole Foods wins either way... they can get sensitive documents from competitors or bleed them dry while trying. Maybe they made the FTC's case for them.

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