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Monday, February 23, 2009

Say cheese, cheese

Do you think restaurant and grocery store patrons should be allowed to take photos of the food? (Photo of a guest's cake at a christening at Perry's on Fremont.)

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I suppose if they don't want me to photo it in the restaurant I could just photo it the next morning in the privacy of my own bathroom.

Absolutely. The best food blogging is done by folks who know how to shoot some food porn. Worth a thousand words.

Germane to one of the subjects of the article (the part about Whole Paycheck *ahem, sorry* Foods), I'd like to point out that New Seasons also has the same policy. Unlike Whole Foods, they'll implement it all over your backside if they even think that think you had that looks vaguely like a camera was going to be used to take a pic of their aisles.

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