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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Tri-Met shenanigans

An alert reader writes to tell us that in addition to all the announced service changes that have Portlanders shaking their heads, Tri-Met is also quietly planning at least one other. Apparently the Number 10 bus, which runs down NE 33rd Avenue and Broadway on its way downtown, is going to terminate at the Rose Quarter. And so now one will have to make a transfer just to get from, say, Grant High School to downtown.

We just got our car tuned up yesterday. Good thing -- it appears we'll be using it more in the near future.

Meanwhile, we've read some grousing about how Tri-Met's comment process insulates its board of directors from the outraged riding public. As a public service, we've tried to dig up some e-mail addresses for the Tri-Met directors so that readers can express their views to the transit agency's leadership more directly. We're not sure whether these addresses are any good, but they are worth a try (just click on the names) if you are interested. If they don't work, you may want to try the format "LastnameF@trimet.org," where "F" is the person's first initial. That's what we had to go with on several of these:

SW Portland: Rick Van Beveren

N, NW & portions of SW Portland: Tiffany Sweitzer

N & NW Portland: George Passadore, President

SE Portland: Sue Van Brocklin

NE Portland: George Richardson

E Multnomah County: Lynn Lehrbach

Clackamas County: Bob Williams

Now, be polite, and don't forget spell check.

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Thanks, Jack. I sent off a blistering message, but those Tri-Met e-mail addresses are not working for me.

Hmmmm... The Passadore one looked good to me. The other, Williams one, I figured could be iffy.

The problem is that at least three of these people are retirees who probably have only creaky AOL e-mail accounts that they check once a month.

retirees who probably have only creaky AOL e-mail accounts that they check once a month.


N, NW & portions of SW Portland: Tiffany Sweitzer

Hey, Homer William's daughter-in-law!!! Glad to hear who's calling the shots there.

I have never understood why the west end of some of the #15 bus routes runs halfway up NW Thurman and back (the remainder loop at Montgomery Park and head back). Thurman deadends at the gated beginning of Leif Erickson Drive. This is an upscale neighborhood of old wealthy homes where almost nobody rides the bus. When I have taken this bus from downtown to NW 26th & Thurman, I rarely see anybody remaining on the bus as it heads up the hill. Meanwhile I see a steady stream of large SUVs and luxury cars coming and going on the west end of Thurman at all hours of the day. Cut THAT route if something must be cut.

Well, they are cutting the #18, which serves Kings Heights, so at least that segment of the hillside population will be deprived of having to follow an occasional bus home.

Deprived? I meant relieved.

Hey, Homer William's daughter-in-law!!!

Sorry, meant step-daughter.

I'm not a big fan of Jack Bog but this is helpful!

Until ALL OF THESE POSITIONS ARE ELECTED BY THE PUBLIC don't expect your TriMet complaints to be addressed in any meaningful way anytime soon.

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