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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dictionary check

If a car full of gang-bangers at Portland's Lloyd Center mistakes you for a rival gang member and shoots to kill you, leaving a bullet in the lining of the jacket you are wearing, does that make you a "bystander"?

It does in The Oregonian.

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Yikes. This is my gym.

Myopia at work.

sounds like the urban blight that adams and his developer puppet masters thought they'd banished to the burbs is creeping back.

soon you'll be able to score crack in irvington.

"soon you'll be able to score crack in irvington."

Why do that, when you can score it any time you want on the transit utopia bus mall?

How convenient that all the transit takes you to the crack, smack, crank, weed, and blow!

"convenient that all the transit takes you to the crack, smack, crank, weed, and blow"

this is news?

the rich plutocrats who run this city/county/state/country have always ensured that the poor have convenient access to drugs of all kinds. as the economic downturn makes the drug economy less profitable (at transit stops) it starts to intrude on the creative class lifestyle.

boo hoo.


Her story actually says that police called them bystanders. Either way, I'd say they were victims, not bystanders.

" what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas..what happens in Porland usually gets screwed over by the Oregonian
Bystander = noun a person present but not involved; chance spectator; onlooker.

I'd say it makes you "lucky".

Posted by ireneadler on 02/18/09 at 7:59AM

If they were sitting in a car that is being shot at, how are they bystanders? It seems to me they were targets, even if they were the wrong targets.

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