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Monday, January 26, 2009

You work at a smile and you go for a ride

Regular readers of this blog know that I have no sympathy for bureaucrats. But today I'd like to send out my best wishes to the people who work for the City of Portland. I can't imagine what morale must be like in city government right now. Chin up, folks. You've seen these politicians come and go. This mess will resolve itself... eventually.

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Morale is lower than whale sh*t, and that's at the bottom of the ocean.

Morale is up, I would bet, for anyone facing discipline for being naughty. New rules there, it would seem.

You think so? I don't. Only the top mucky-mucks get a free ride. If some low-level guy takes a teenager into the City Hall men's room and starts making out with him, I'm sure there will be discipline.

With all due respect, Jack, whether you're the one doing it or some right-wing crank is doing it, bashing "bureaucrats" nearly always turns into bashing worker bees.

Hey, I thought I was a right-wing crank.

Jack, I think the hard working folks in Portland will forge ahead, but Pete's point has merit. The rules which apply to worker misconduct generally have to meet the following criteria........I am most concerned with #6.

1)Was the employee warned of the consequences of their action?

2)Was the expectation reasonable, relative to the operation of the unit and the length of service?

3)Did management fully investigate the matter before taking action?

4)Was the investigation fair and objective?

5)Did the investigation produce substantial evidence or proof of guilt?

6)Were the rules, order, and penalties applied consistently and without discrimination?

7)Was the penalty reasonably related to the seriousness of the offense and the employee

Maybe Sam intends to start a new trend: "Himbos@Work...Necking On YOUR Dime".

Dr. Joe? Are you paying attention? Expanding horizons in the public leadership role in Portland.

Craig politics comes to Puddletown; the Senator would be proud. Soon, everybody will be tapping out a snappy new tune at work.

I have been proud to work for the government, as corny as that sounds, for almost 25 years. Federal, state, and local. No, our government isn't perfect, but I believe in it, and was excited to witness the peaceful transition of power in Washington, DC last week.

Then this scandal. I have felt mired in it for a week. I go back and forth between wanting to quit and do the same job elsewhere or move away. What I don't feel like doing is showing up to work all bright like a new copper penny and helping him advance his agenda anymore. I've zero respect for the Mayor of this city. I feel like spitting on his car as I pass it parked in front of city hall. Very little is getting done in my own department, and I continue to get emails from friends around the country asking WTF?

But this, too, shall pass. I'll just try to focus on better days ahead. Maybe that will bring me out of my funk.

Hey Just a Job: I used to work for a large institution that sometimes disappointed me -- well, not quite like the mayor. What kept me going was telling myself that my real contract was with the public I was trying to serve, not with the people who signed my paychecks.

Hey, I thought I was a right-wing crank.

Of course you do - that actually explains a lot.

Tread ever so carefully when bashing bureaucrats because joe bob, protector of the working class, can't distinguish between them and the sainted "worker bees". We must never think those thoughts which might lead us to question ANY government employee because that might lead to hurt feelings.

So that whole subject is now off the table.

It's the liberal way.

Wait..... Sam has a car?!?!?!?!?!

Wait..... Sam has a car?!?!?!?!?!

it's mostly for rides to the train station.

If some low-level guy takes a teenager into the City Hall men's room and starts making out with him, I'm sure there will be discipline.

Oooooh, discipline! Is that a promise?

While publicaly PPA President Westerman has (rightly) called for Adam's resignation, privately I bet a number of his line association representitives are breakdancing at the thought of Adams staying.

Were I in the PPA Executive Board I would immediately ask *every* police disciplinary case involving moral terpitude brought since the day Sam announced his election be reviewed.

Those already decided would be appealed; Those that have yet to be sent to arbitration would have the Mayor subpoenaed in *every* case, so Sam could discuss his (on?) or off duty activities.

This would be to establish the acceptable standards of conduct for persons employed by the City of Portland, as demonstrated by it's chief executive officer. Who by the way, internally, is the final arbitor of police discipline.

I imagine Will Aitchison would beat him like a pinata about the City regulations regarding honesty, ethical conduct, and obeying the law.

Particulary in the concept that there in a higher standard for those in positions of authority, as detailed in City regulations.

Adams has destroyed his capacity to be anywhere within the disciplinary chain of command for *any* city employee.

Adam's and Breedlove's public statements clearly indicate criminal conduct (Sex Abuse III) on the part of the mayor for the incident in the City Hall restroom.

Can anyone dispute that this tawdry affair isn't having negative impact on the City, and Adams ability to lead?

Resign now, Sam.

I know several people who work for the government in community outreach or other public interface. They include people who work with records and taxation, environmental services, juvenile delinquency, parks, etc. They are really upset about Adams and here is why...

When you are a public relations and/or community outreach person taking calls, knocking on doors, or meeting with citizens in cubes, you catch an earful of it. For these people who tend to earn in the $25K to $45K range, their lives are hard enough without knocking on the door and getting the tirade about how the government is wasting their tax dollars on failed water bureau projects, shady sewer upgrades, unwanted loss of street parking, etc. Now you can add to that list of complaints lying mayors who make $100,000 a year and chase teenagers to make out with in the mens room at City Hall.

Trust me, these community/public relations workers are going to hear about this everyday for years. The police will hear about it. Firemen will hear about it. Their jobs are hard enough.

It's funny how the bureaucrats and press act like the only people whose opinion matters are the business leaders and local celebrities.

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