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Sunday, January 25, 2009

You can be sure of it

Scoutmaster Sam says he's going to continue working on his stimulus package.

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I may sick up!

You're not forgiven. Beat it!

That was embarrassingly painful to listen to. I forgive him, I just don't want him to be the mayor.

NAMBLA must be proud.

Now I know why I could never stomach a pink martini.

"Men get themselves into a lot of trouble over sex," said Pink Martini band founder Thomas Lauderdale." “I'd rather have a mayor who has sex than a mayor who doesn't."

How about this Portland? Politicians get themselves into a lot of trouble over lies, I’d rather have a mayor who tells the truth then a mayor who doesn’t.

Great - Another lie!

Remember last year we had to have a new tax because potholes would cost $450M to fix? Well, now we have $900M in a reserve fund.

BTW - For all those thinking Sammy won't get his stuff done, hate to breka it to you but Fritz and Saltzman are in his back pocket now. I think they demonstrated that pretty accurately in this last episode. That's 3 votes and once Randy gets past his show indignation, I am sure he'll be there also.

Is there any poll (no pun intended) that indicates the interest in recalling Sammy?

Oh well, at least I will be able to ride the east side streetcar up and down a recursive loop for the picayune amount of $160 million.

Now that is some policy I can get behind (pun intended).

Who's stimulus package is he working on? The Condo Mafia, the unions, or the Arlington Club's?

You're not going to take HIS word for it, are you?

"Is there any poll (no pun intended) that indicates the interest in recalling Sammy?"

Hate to disabuse you of this, but most Portland voters have very short memories. I really think the RecallSamAdams WEBsite really just needs to start making a list (with documentation) of Sam's lies over his 20 years of public service. By the time six months tolls, that thing could be pushing 100 pages.

Stimulating who's package?

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