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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wiener on Adams: "a f***ing moron"

In Time magazine, no less.

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Wow. That story was a stinger to say the least.

Sam's gotta go!!!

The fact that Wiener has thrown Sam under the bus means it's truly just a matter of time before we have a new mayor. Wiener is forever.

Gee, I guess this means Mr BlueOregon can start calling Sam names now too.

Be sure to read the 1956 story mentioned in the recent story.

Do we really believe that Portland has changed since 1956?

Adams now has a Weiner and a Ball that won't get behind him.

And he made love to a beau that can't breed.


The term that comes to mind is "coup de grace". I'd say this puts Sam in the "he's dead but he just hasn't fallen down yet" category. Only question is how much damage he'll choose to do on his way down.

I think the next scene should be set up as Portland Wrestling, 2009. In this corner, Mark "Footlong" Wiener and "Fireman" Randy Leonard; In the other, Thomas "Baby" Lauderdale and Gus "The Recruiter" Van Zandt. Five falls for the Newsweek interview.

Do we really believe that Portland has changed since 1956?

Well, in 1956 all homosexual sex was a felony in Oregon, regardless of the age of the participants, and forced sterilization was one of the possible punishments. Thankfully by the 1950's castration had been abandoned in favor of a mere vasectomy. So, I guess some things have changed since the 1950's...

Wow. Did you catch those circulation numbers for the Oregonian and the Journal in 1956? Those were the days.

Just curious: Is the 1956 Sheriff Terry Schrunk any relation to a certain current local figure?

Sheriff Terry Schrunk was the father of Mike Schrunk, current Multnomah County DA.
Real, old school, local political family.

Four term mayor, '57 - '73.

I wonder if former Police Commissioner Foxworth will weigh in with his insider knowledge about Sam Adams and other players in this interesting story. Could his step-down Agreement have required him to keep silent on every commissioner besides former Mayor Potter?

Is that really Time magazine, or just a parody website (a la Onion)?

Now it's made The New York Times:

"The Great Gay Hope" by Timothy Egan


Worser, and worser.

Wait, Portland Monthly (Jan 09) has a big top of the front page teaser: "The Real Sam Adams." What do you suppose it says?

throw the bum out! Can't we just have this done?????? Or something like it?


Howzabout we fly he Illinois legislature out here for a day...let them vote on Samboy...BOOM!...he's gone? I sure like their style.

We have this thing called a "recall" and it is f***ing golden.

The Scoutmaster has closed and referred CommissionerSam.com to his new (PortlandOnline) website...I guess he got tired of hosting a public forum where the commenters were calling for his resignation.

Bonus: no public comments on the PortlandOnline website.

RECALL...RECALL...RECALL...He can't hide from the voters forever.

Terry Schrunk was mayor the entire time I was growing up here. Stanford's "Portland Confidential" has some pretty good stuff about those years.

This evening's KATU news broadcast featured an anonymous interview with a high school classmate of Breedlove who related conversations in which Breedlove bragged of sexual relations with an city administrator while he was still 17. According to the story, this unidentified informant has already spoken to interviewers. Also mentioned was a statement made by Breedlove's father who is convinced that the sexual relationship began while his son was 17. He apparently believes that this was so because of numerous trips made by Beau to Portland during that time and Beau's description of the lingering kiss in the city hall bathroom.

I'm curious about whether Beau's job at the Wyatt is helping or hurting sales of condos . . . or simply drawing gawkers who want to be shown around by the boy toy.

Since this is Portland, wouldn't it be more appropriate to say Wiener threw Sam under the streetcar?

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